Meet the Wikloe Team

Nadia Anderson | Founder & Creative Director

Nadia left her job as a lawyer to pursue her passions in Wikloe and creative writing. She designed the Retreat House and its interiors, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the positive influences experienced when visiting places at which nature and design work in synergy. Nadia is curious about humanity's desire to tell stories and receive stories and how both can enhance our awareness of ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. Moved by nature and design’s ability to inspire creativity and perspective, she was motivated to bring Wikloe to life, to serve as a quiet sanctuary where stories are told, and stories - from nature, art, and design - are received. When Nadia isn’t writing, you’ll find her on a wilderness trip, probably appreciating a bit of Spanish Moss she found on a tree branch.

Interests: creative writing, travelling, music, yoga and being out in nature.

Fergus Maxwell | Project Director, Builder & Carpenter

Fergus is an experienced woodworker, builder, joiner, furniture designer and maker. He has a deep appreciation for timber and the ways in which imperfect patterns and shapes create perfect installations and furniture pieces.
Ferg, alongside Mark, built the Retreat House and its interiors from scratch using his wealth of knowledge, practicality and creativity to form its high quality, bespoke features.
Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Ferg is a true nature lover and Bear-Grylls-type-outdoorsman whose campfire building skills are unrivalled. He has deep roots in the Wicklow Mountains; a place of dramatic, rugged terrain and fragrant pines and the place from which Wikloe’s name was born. When Fergus isn’t working on something new, you will see him out - most days - catching waves in the surf.

Interests: surfing, music, camping, architecture, design and furniture making.

Mark McKay | Project Director, Builder & Carpenter

Mark is also an exceptionally experienced woodworker, builder, carpenter and furniture maker. He was born in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland and set up camp in Australia a decade ago.
Mark, alongside Ferg, built the Retreat House and its interiors from scratch. Mark's experience, passion and innovative way of thinking has been instrumental in transforming the Retreat House design, idea and vision into its reality.
An avid nature-seeker and camper, Mark is always on the scout for the best untouched soil from which to appreciate mother nature. He is a lover of the ocean and can also be spotted in the surf on most days when he isn’t cooking up a storm or creating a new piece using re-claimed timber he has found.

Interests: surfing, music, camping, Muay Thai, videography and cooking up a storm.

Bentley | Team Mascot & Morale Booster

Mr B, a 12-yr-old Cavoodle, is the Wikloe Team mascot and is always up for boosting team morale when the going gets tough. He has enjoyed supervising and encouraging the team through all the project’s milestones; from when the Retreat House design was sketched up in pencil to the time it was built in both the warehouse and Capertee Valley. Mr B brings immense love and joy to his family and we adore him a ridiculous amount.

Interests: brown rice and peas, cuddles with mum and dad, his black turtleneck, and practising his downward dog.