Transcend With: series


To transcend is to rise above or go beyond ‘normal’ limits and boundaries.

From an introspective point of view, limits and boundaries are often nothing but a set of pre-conceived notions we have about ourselves and the world we live in; a set of ideas we have picked up along the way from birth until now.

There are many ways to transcend our limits and find new levels of being and awareness.  All you need is curiosity, perseverance, and an open mind.

Moving stagnant energy, creative expression, music immersion, meditation, learning from ourselves and others, and engaging in the endless exploration of our bodies and minds are only a few ways to transcend the limits we place on ourselves.

Transcend With: is a series of events brought to you in collaboration with like-minded individuals who share our desire to explore and transcend.  It is a platform that encourages learning, creative expression, and the exploration of our potential.

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