Our Philosophy


Our ethos is rooted in slow, intentional living and the importance of a quiet moment in nature to re-align our energies for what matters most. Our design philosophy is inspired by the powerful relationship between nature and a mindfully curated space and this relationship’s capacity to influence our happiness, creativity and wellbeing in a positive way.

The Retreat House was designed by us and built by us. We sketched its design onto a notepad and over the course of many months, created almost every one of its elements using various tools and our bare hands. Our vision was to create a sanctuary that encompassed an indoor/outdoor experience at every turn and achieved this through natural light and experimentation with raw, organic palettes and textures; re-claimed materials, and other materials that not only embody characteristics of nature but also reflect each team member’s unique creative expression – every stroke, ripple, shape and cut, perfectly imperfect, like mother nature.

Within these walls, discover the themes and values that inspire our aesthetic and way of life each day: from wellness practices to philosophy; sustainability to architecture; nature to design; culture to creativity; landscapes to music. We are moved by each, individually, as well as their connectedness and ability to curate a deeply resonant experience when combined.


pronounced: WIK-loh


Wikloe takes inspiration from the Wicklow Mountains in the Republic of Ireland. Some believe the name derives from the Viking word Vykyngelo meaning ‘meadow of the Vikings’ and others, from the Norse name Wiggingne Lough meaning ‘the lake of ships’. In modern times, Wicklow translates to Cill Mhantáin in Irish which means ‘church of the toothless one’.

Whatever the name’s origin, the Wicklow Mountains carries meaning for each of our team members: rich family history, childhood memories, a wonderland where adventures are had far away from home. Where friends, family and lovers explore wild deer trails by foot and vast lakes by canoe. It’s a place where we share our ideas and form new ones together; listen to joyful and solemn campfire stories, and write words against night skies with fire lit gorse sticks. It’s a place where we connect. With ourselves, each other, the mountains, lakes, trees, animals.

It’s a place that represents nature’s universal power to connect us all to something deeper than our most basic needs and desires, no matter where in the world we live. What better inspiration is there than this.